The UN: "Fulfilling the Promise of Gender Equality: Women, Girls & the Post-2015 Agenda"

SoundCloud PodCast: "Fungai Machirori & Amina Doherty Talk Funding & Feminism"

AWID: "Changing Systems, Changing Lives"



“Amina always brings her A-game to her work! She is as critical in her analysis as she is playful and creative in her crafting of solutions. I've left all our collaborations feeling successful and edified because her leadership is often characterized as part visionary function, part strategic outlook, with a dash of administrative efficiency and heaps of generosity. One way she plays to her strengths is by leveraging the breadth and depth of her professional/personal networks to ensure the viability of a project. It is always a pleasure to work with Amina in all her Black brilliance!”
Georgia Love, jamaica