ABOut Me 

Finding the natural flow between creativity and activism is where I find my work. I am a curator, consultant and creative that strives to bring together people and ideas to create positive change. This is my passion: To see the world, to feel its pulse, to speak to its people, to give back to communities, and find the connections in all of these things.

As an African-Caribbean feminist and women’s rights advocate, my work is centered around raising awareness for social justice through movement-building, and innovative approaches to philanthropy. This work takes many forms: art exhibitions, community programs, cultural events, and grantmaking initiatives. It flows between many roles – strategist, project manager, content creator and communications expert – but it also flows towards a single goal: to promote awareness and change through the intersection of art, culture and activism.

Through actively supporting transformational work – from artists, dreamers, activists and organizations that strengthen social change – I am focused on helping to build a more colorful, equal and just world.

My Biography

Amina Doherty holds a B.A. in Political Science and Women’s Studies from McGill University (Distinction) and an MSc in Gender, Development and Globalization from the London School of Economics (LSE).

She is a founding member and the first coordinator of FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund, an organization that aims to strengthen the capacity of young feminist organisations around the world through small grants. Previously, Amina managed funding for women’s rights organisations at the Sigrid Rausing Trust, one of the largest private human rights funding organizations in Europe. She has worked with a diverse range of clients including governments, international NGOs, community-led groups and individual philanthropists. In her most recent role, Amina worked as the Director of Tactics at the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), an international feminist membership organisation that serves to support, resource and strengthen women’s rights organisations and movements. 

Currently, Amina is the Program Director for the Caribbean Women’s Voice and Leadership Program at The Match International Women’s Fund, Canada’s first international Women’s Fund.

She serves as a Caribbean advisor to Mama Cash, the first international Women’s Fund in the world, and has also worked with the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF), a grantmaking foundation based in Ghana. She currently sits on the boards of Just Associates (JASS), a global organisation working to strengthen the voice, visibility, and power of women, and the Global Fund for Women, one of the world's leading foundations for gender equality.

Amina has lived and worked in Nigeria, Canada, Jamaica and the UK. She currently makes her home the small Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda.